Drizzle’s love

wind was taking care of mine,

taking out sweat from eyes of mine,

breeze was answering to my beat of heart,

which was the question of my heart,

is this the game,

or is this race,

does it really exist,

question on existence of exist,

being part of some one’s heart,

is there any part of our heart,

to give answer of silly serious question,

what is this question,

running in the race for finding happiness,avoiding sadness,

from where this come,this amazing word sadness,

drizzle came with answers of tiny drops,

it was a great pool of hopes,

answer came neither its race,

nor its game,

its a journey combination of both,

can’t ignore both,

keep giving ,

keep living,

wind with drizzle showered love of them,

took sweat from my eyes with them.

       -stories of life


Author: stories of life

Dreams create , Dreams generate everything....

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