Sea of emotions 

life is a sea of emotions,

what are this waves of emotions,

water changes its forms,

we change our roles,

water comes with rain,

we come with mothers pain,

waves changes,

role changes,

by fighting with stone,

by taking memories of tone,

sometimes above the all,

many times taking all,

we run in the race of emotions,

which is not a mere emotions,

becoming a king of our self,

we fight with real king of ourself,

asking,demanding roles,and forms,

forgetting we are above the roles,and forms,

smashing every goodness

running towards the field of falseness

we stuck,we cry,

realising we the only reason of cry,

all of a sudden we become crystal,

ray of sun makes us crystal,
role changes,

form changes,

journey ends somewhere ,

still we want more somewhere,

we are the sea,

taking every emotions in the sea,

let’s make a waves of goodness,

which makes every drop came from godiness,

role changes ,

wave changes.


Author: stories of life

Dreams create , Dreams generate everything....

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