Gossip with stars….

while staring at sky of star,

while dreaming like every star,

my eyes got stuck at could of sky,

telling my heart,taking my own sky,

which was a question,

a mere serious question,

we learned many things,

difference of good,bad things,

but who taught us about emotions,

where is the school of emotions,

isn’t  it strange,

isn’t myth is a strange,

sadness makes other happy,

happiness makes other sad,

sudden,my heart moved straight like a wave ,

isn’t it mirror of glass,where  there is no wave

the most important word “sad”,taking with us,

but does it exist !! isn’t this myth within us,

what exist in reality that is not the reality,

what exist in reality but we don’t consider it reality,

this answer sky gave,

star of sky smile gave,

my heart smiled ,with sparking eyes,and reply gave.

while staring at star ,

dreaming like to become star.


Author: stories of life

Dreams create , Dreams generate everything....

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