Truth of Time…

Whole world is moving,

Moving,towards racing,

With thousands of name,

With desirable fame,

Everyone has name,

Every emotions has name,

Strange is Care and love,

Respect and  proud,

Kindness and dignity,

All are form of one ,

But all are not one,

Moving with one,

Taking everyone,

Love is life,

Life is to live,

Why to give name is compulsion,

Where everyone has relation,

Relation of humanity,

Humanity is in oneness,

Spirituality is proof less,

Soul is time,

Time is to move,

Name is time.

-stories of life

At the end of interval

While waiting in the interval,

I lost into the sequel,

Suddenly there was huge rain,

Found something was washing my brain,

I was looking at hero’s style,

Forgot that he has walked a mile,

I was looking at lipstick redness,

But there was hardwork brightness,

By making colourful hair,

Going through black which was unable to bear,

The bright tonne of skin,

Which was showing belief in his bin,

Standing before action and light,

Hardwork had taken many nights,

In the waves of emotions,

They were the source of creation,

Race of showing best to world,

Made every vision as their world,

Suddenly the light blinks,

After dark light blinks,

Different season of light blinks,

By throwing popcorn in bin,

By taking willingness to win.

-stories of life

“Life of shiny pencil”

​A new shiny pencil,

Which is not mere pencil,

For someone it’s source of creation,

For child it’s new step to begin,

We are creator of this creation,

Where we itself is creation to begin,

To begin world of two soul,

Pencil gets identity by ownership,

They create relationship by bringing new soul,

Two becomes creator,with new one in a ship,
A shiny new pencil,draws line,

New soul becomes lifeline,

For artiest it reflects imagination,

New child becomes part of imagination,

Pencil changes it shape,

Life changes child’s shape,

Old ,blunt lead appears,

Life’s real exam appears,

The time comes for non existence,

Pencil is not capable of handling existence,

A new shiny pencil,again mom gives,

Without thinking about old, life gives.

New shiny pencil!new bright soul.

stories of life.

Endless Answers….

Questions about life is endless,
Answers about life is be fearless,

How strange everything is to me,

How myself strange to me,

Questions teaches everything,

Questions takes everything,

Fear to loose and gain,

But what is this gain,

Does life is about gain,

Or it’s learning from pain,

Question on existence of emotions,

Where there is no answer for emotions,

Mistakes are the part,

Which sets us apart,

Let’s learn and live,

Let’s serve and live,

Purpose to bring success,

Where life smile for success,

Failure gives experience,

Say yes to experience,

Let’s create wisdom,

Which gives freedom,

Endless is questions,

Life is everything except fear of questions.

_stories of life

Gossip with stars….

while staring at sky of star,

while dreaming like every star,

my eyes got stuck at could of sky,

telling my heart,taking my own sky,

which was a question,

a mere serious question,

we learned many things,

difference of good,bad things,

but who taught us about emotions,

where is the school of emotions,

isn’t  it strange,

isn’t myth is a strange,

sadness makes other happy,

happiness makes other sad,

sudden,my heart moved straight like a wave ,

isn’t it mirror of glass,where  there is no wave

the most important word “sad”,taking with us,

but does it exist !! isn’t this myth within us,

what exist in reality that is not the reality,

what exist in reality but we don’t consider it reality,

this answer sky gave,

star of sky smile gave,

my heart smiled ,with sparking eyes,and reply gave.

while staring at star ,

dreaming like to become star.

Sea of emotions 

life is a sea of emotions,

what are this waves of emotions,

water changes its forms,

we change our roles,

water comes with rain,

we come with mothers pain,

waves changes,

role changes,

by fighting with stone,

by taking memories of tone,

sometimes above the all,

many times taking all,

we run in the race of emotions,

which is not a mere emotions,

becoming a king of our self,

we fight with real king of ourself,

asking,demanding roles,and forms,

forgetting we are above the roles,and forms,

smashing every goodness

running towards the field of falseness

we stuck,we cry,

realising we the only reason of cry,

all of a sudden we become crystal,

ray of sun makes us crystal,
role changes,

form changes,

journey ends somewhere ,

still we want more somewhere,

we are the sea,

taking every emotions in the sea,

let’s make a waves of goodness,

which makes every drop came from godiness,

role changes ,

wave changes.

Drizzle’s love

wind was taking care of mine,

taking out sweat from eyes of mine,

breeze was answering to my beat of heart,

which was the question of my heart,

is this the game,

or is this race,

does it really exist,

question on existence of exist,

being part of some one’s heart,

is there any part of our heart,

to give answer of silly serious question,

what is this question,

running in the race for finding happiness,avoiding sadness,

from where this come,this amazing word sadness,

drizzle came with answers of tiny drops,

it was a great pool of hopes,

answer came neither its race,

nor its game,

its a journey combination of both,

can’t ignore both,

keep giving ,

keep living,

wind with drizzle showered love of them,

took sweat from my eyes with them.

       -stories of life