Tale of colours

Tale of colours

While painting my thoughts,

My colours started chatting,

They were having their own thoughts,

Chit chat Messy chatting,

I asked reason to yellow,

He answered he don’t want to b fellow,

I asked reason to red,

He answered i don’t want to be pet,

I asked reason to purple,

He answered i want to be like star called twinkle,

I asked reason to green,

He answered i want to be like queen,

I asked reason to gray,

He answered,want to play,

I asked indigo,

He answered just go !go !go!

Within blink of eyes scratched,

Miracle was patched,

Chit chat chatting,

Go!go!go Now it was matching plus,

Rainbow with thought of brush,

Amazed how almighty has created us,

With which colours and brush