If I could get power

Wish I could meet almighty,

So I could ask for power righly,

Power to know people,

So every thing seems clear,

Wish I could make everyone strong,

So nothing happens wrong,

Wish everyone has money,

So no one becomes any ones bunny,

Power for few hours,

To keep loved ones ours,

I would have created shop of love,

So no one live with loneliness in fond of love,

Wish I could meet almighty,

So everything happens rightly,

Suddenly my string of heart sounds,

How God has created bound,

Everything has reason,

To be emotional Vs strong has reason,

being bunny of someone has reason,

If love had shop,

People would have sold it as bomb,

I m thanking almighty,

He is using power creatively


Sound of heart

My heart is mum,

It’s in search of something,

Yeah!for questions it’s mum,

Fact is it has everything,

It used to sound loud,

Mum is sound of everything,

Badly wanted to stop it’s sound,

But now finding bound to  that something,

Finally Miracle is with me,

Still i am lacking something,

Slowly my faded mind is with me,

Says! You are filling magic with me,

Heart beats and says something,

“I am loud!!!!

more then your bound,

And it’s your real beat of heart,”

And I am filled with everything.

-stories of life.

Strange Dream

Yeah!! it was dream,

to live this was dream,

Starting life with line,

To make it circle line,

Yeah it is my dream,

Never ending is my dream,

Starting with black & white,

To fill in colours of light,

By learning life cycle,

Finding point in circle,

Living the moment,

With drop of commencement,

Yeah it’s my strange dream,

Strange is life ,but i m living this dream!!!.
Stories of life