At the end of interval

While waiting in the interval,

I lost into the sequel,

Suddenly there was huge rain,

Found something was washing my brain,

I was looking at hero’s style,

Forgot that he has walked a mile,

I was looking at lipstick redness,

But there was hardwork brightness,

By making colourful hair,

Going through black which was unable to bear,

The bright tonne of skin,

Which was showing belief in his bin,

Standing before action and light,

Hardwork had taken many nights,

In the waves of emotions,

They were the source of creation,

Race of showing best to world,

Made every vision as their world,

Suddenly the light blinks,

After dark light blinks,

Different season of light blinks,

By throwing popcorn in bin,

By taking willingness to win.

-stories of life

“Life of shiny pencil”

​A new shiny pencil,

Which is not mere pencil,

For someone it’s source of creation,

For child it’s new step to begin,

We are creator of this creation,

Where we itself is creation to begin,

To begin world of two soul,

Pencil gets identity by ownership,

They create relationship by bringing new soul,

Two becomes creator,with new one in a ship,
A shiny new pencil,draws line,

New soul becomes lifeline,

For artiest it reflects imagination,

New child becomes part of imagination,

Pencil changes it shape,

Life changes child’s shape,

Old ,blunt lead appears,

Life’s real exam appears,

The time comes for non existence,

Pencil is not capable of handling existence,

A new shiny pencil,again mom gives,

Without thinking about old, life gives.

New shiny pencil!new bright soul.

stories of life.